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姓名Wynter Gordon 别名Diana Gordon / 温特格顿
国籍美国 出生地暂无
语言国语 性别
生日暂无 星座暂无
身高暂无 体重暂无
1、Wynter Gordon - Love
Wynter Gordon
2、Wynter Gordon - Everything Changes
Wynter Gordon
3、Wynter Gordon - Renegade
Wynter Gordon
4、Wynter Gordon - Lady
Wynter Gordon
5、Wynter Gordon - Hands Up
Wynter Gordon
6、Wynter Gordon - Right Here
Wynter Gordon


她并非你想象中那种平凡的邻家女孩。她的创作灵感源于其丰富的生活经历, 迷人的嗓音是她的特质,作为一名很有前途的创作歌手,Wynter 无疑是人才。在为Mary J. Blige、 Danity Kane等歌星创作了几首热门歌曲后,Wynter 终于踏上了自己的星途。她的首张专辑,糅合了各种创新的混合流行元素,其不可思议的真诚的音乐表达方式让人心热。被那些杂乱的少女时期的生活所启发,Wynter的歌,歌词都带有浓厚的个人色彩。她的第一支曲"Surveillance" 发表不久,就在酒吧等场所大热,同时也是电台节目的热播歌曲,如纽约电台Hot 97,她已然走进了镁光灯下,引起了人们的关注。之后,她参与Flo Rida大卖新专辑R.O.O.T.S.中选出的独立单曲"Sugar"的MTV演出,同时为其献声。
Wynter Gordon dealt with a tough Queens upbringing by developing her talent for dancing, songwriting, and singing. She wrote her first song prior to becoming a teenager and attended LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Later, working in music studios led to a major songwriting credit: the fittingly titled “Gonna Breakthrough,” a tune she co-wrote, was not just recorded by Mary J. Blige but positioned as the central track on the singer’s triple-platinum 2005 album, The Breakthrough. This led to a contract with Atlantic, as well as collaborations with Danity Kane, David Guetta, Jennifer Lopez, and, most significantly, Flo Rida, whose “Sugar” topped out at number five hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Gordon’s debut album was several years in the making, led by “Dirty Talk” -- a single that reached number two on Billboard’s dance chart by early July 2010.